Families for Early Education



“Families for Early Education” 

Which Facilitation best fits your needs?

  1. Facilitating with Parents
  2. Facilitating One on One with Children

1. Facilitating with Parents $100 (payment schedule can be discussed) +Tx

Facilitated by: Online Skype, FB Video Chat or Phone

  • Family will own Prevention / Intervention Skills Workbook” to keep (PDF Online)
  • 2 hours facilitation with one or both parents
  • Learn how to set up “Teaching Time” with different age groups
  • Learn how to teach in a tone that keeps your child, youth or teen engaged and motivated
  • Learn outreach resources for additional or emergency support
  • Learn related top “book list” for you to read to your children or kids to read on their own
  • Membership in the Families for Early Education Members Only FB Group where parents are share post workshop

REGISTER TODAY! Email Facilitator; Charmaine Saucedo – ichoosegoodmh@gmail.com

2. Facilitating One on One with Children $500 (payment schedule can be discussed) + Tx

You are a parent and family (like many) that has little time or life is too busy, but you have stressed to me how important and good work this workshop and education is for children to have. I have listened and I understand. I value that you see the benefits of this new education, and with that in mind, let me be with your child, youth and/or teen and similar to scheduling a recreational activity, lets schedule an hour each day for one week straight  and get this important education into your home under one common vision, “to keep our innocence alive and healthy and empower little minds and voices!”

What to expect in “Facilitating One on One with Children” :

  • 1 hour, 1 week visit or online workshop facilitation scheduled at the convenience of parents / caregivers schedule between times 8am – 9pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Facilitator is certified and holds a PVSC (Police Vulnerable Sector Check), CPR
  • Family will own the Prevention/Intervention Skills Workbook  (PDF Online (Incl in cost) or Manual $25 Additional Cost))
  • Your child, teen and youth will be discussing and learning through daily engaging exercises:
  • Context of 5 top abuse situations facing families today (Family Violence, Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Neglect)
  • Context of the word “Crime”
  • What to signs to watch for and what to say or do for themselves or their peers around them
  • Context of Suicide
  • What signs to watch for, and what to say or do for themselves or for their peers around them
  • Parent Membership in “Families for Early Education Members Only FB Group where parents share post workshop


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